Browser Statistics – Who’s winning?

Despite Microsoft’s stock price being up 36% for 2013 as of July 16th, not many people realize that Microsoft is not winning the browser wars.  Since August 2012, according to, as of June 2013 Google Chrome has a 32%.6% market share, next is IE with 21.7%, Firefox with 19.5% and Safari with 15.4%.  This means that even when people get a new Apple or Windows machine that come with their IE or Safari operating systems, million of people opt to download Chrome.

Because Google is such a popular search engine, when you get the a screen and your browser hasn’t been installed, a big “download Chrome” is on screen.  I believe that after you download it this is removed.   When you install the Chrome Browser, as part of the install process, they ask if you want to make it your default browser and you’re hooked.

A crazy thing about Internet Explorer versions – as many people use IE 8 as do the new IE 10 and fewer people use IE 9 than either 8 or 10.

Hope these facts help you look smart at your next dinner party..

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  • yojason

    Just saw that as of November its up to 42% for Chrome and 28% for IE, with Firefox at under 20% now.