The Promotional Product That People Can’t Wait To Receive

Promotional products have a way of waltzing right into people’s lives, entertaining, informing, surprising. Sometimes the waltz is right into the living room in the form of a coffee table book. EMC Corporation, the global data storage company, sponsored the creation of its own promotional product: a coffee table book called The Human Face of Big Data.

promotional book

It’s nearly five pounds and 233 pages of the most fascinating data visualizations. It aims to show, via 200 stunning images and essays, that the planet is developing a nervous system that will soon rock our worlds—even more than the internet.

EMC, along with five other sponsors, funded the book, which was created by Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt. The project began in March 2012, when approximately 100 of the world’s top photographers in more than 30 countries sought out images to illustrate The Human Face of Big Data.

The book is packed with inspiring stories about how people are positively using the accumulated data. For example, Google is using big data to create a flu-trends web page to predict flu outbreaks. Engineers in California are using data to create a program that uses people’s laptops to detect earthquakes. It’s all captivating stuff that has practical, real value.

From a promotional products standpoint, books are a great segment. We typically reprint a book’s cover with a company logo, but this one takes the cake. Not everyone can commission their own book, but when you can, it’s impressive. Actually, in this case, it’s brilliant. Great job, EMC.

Can I get a free book? I promise not to just use it as a decorative piece in my living room..

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